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Bible Baptist Church has been bringing families together in Christ for the past 6 decades. Founded in 1950 as a Mission of Hopewell Baptist Church, we have a rich history of Christian education in our community, spreading the message of God through our Christian Day School, Bible College and numerous ministries. Originally located on Golf Club Lane, the church moved approximately 7 miles to its current location on Prospect Circle in 1979.


Bible Baptist Church welcomes individuals and families from all over Clarksville, Montgomery County and surrounding areas. Sound Bible preaching is central to our church: we believe that every individual should have a biblically based foundation, and we support that mission through our services, ministries and missions, including:

  • Sunday School for all age groups
  • Military Wives: Support and prayer for those whose loved ones have been deployed
  • Ladies Bible Study
  • Church Library: Open after each service
  • Visitation & Shut Ins: Visits to welcome you to our church or provide company to those who are no longer physically able to come to church
  • Strive Youth Ministries: Spiritual growth activities and clean fun for teens
  • Music Ministry: Adult choir, orchestra and music specials in church

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Need Anything?

You may wish to bring a Bible. If you do not have one, we have a Bible you may use at the Welcome Desk.