Recently, I had someone say to me, “I don’t like change. I wish things would stay the same.” Sometimes change is a positive thing and it is gladly anticipated. But, most of us are resistant to change in our lives. We are glad to see our children grow into adults, but we miss the days of their childhood. Can you imagine how rich a person would be if he could invent the “perpetual puppy pill” that would keep Fido young and cute!

We have to face the reality, however, that change is inevitable and it is often a very emotional thing. Thankfully, the Bible gives us the encouragement we need to face times of change in our lives. Joshua chapter 1 details a time of great change for Joshua and for the nation of Israel. They were leaving the wilderness and entering the Promised Land. Also, there was a change of leadership from Moses to Joshua. In verses 5 and 6, God said to Joshua, . . . as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. Be strong and of a good courage:

As children of God, we can, with strength and courage, face the future and any change it may bring, remembering that God is with us and that He will not fail us.

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God bless you!

Looking unto Jesus,

Roger N. Powell