Merry Christmas!

A thought struck me a few years ago.  Nowhere in the Scripture are we commanded to remember the birth of Jesus.  One thing we are told to remember is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ until He comes again to the world (1 Corinthians 11).  This is the reason that we work hard at celebrating the Resurrection Season as much as we do the Christmas season.

I don’t believe it is wrong to remember the Lord’s birth at Christmas time.  Every year, however, it appears that we drift farther and farther from the true meaning of this season of celebration.

Some time back, I read that the average price for a single toy that parents were buying for their children was $100.  And I heard that there were those who were actually getting a second mortgage on their home in order to finance Christmas.

Christmas is not about getting and giving in order to keep up with other’s expectations.  We do our children a great disservice and go far in teaching them the “love of money” when this is our only emphasis.

Maybe this year we can get back to having a simple and genuine Christmas by giving meaningful gifts that we can afford in the name of Christ and as unto Him.

If you do not have a church home, please consider visiting us at Bible Baptist Church! Of course, if there is any way we may be of service to you, please do not hesitate to call on us.

God bless you!

Roger Powell