God has once again chosen to pour out his blessing upon our church this past weekend. The Christmas concert with the Ben Everson family was such a great experience. It is so exciting to see the Everson children stand beside their parents and with such joy and poise singing to the Lord. What a blessing! I do hope that each of you took advantage of the opportunity to purchase some of their music. If not, visit their website soon and fill the air with brother Ben’s creative and Christ-honoring music.

Carol of the Bells – Ben Everson

I would also like to thank the Lord for the faithfulness of so many of our members to invite their friends and family to our church. We have seen 47 professions of faith this year, which is nothing short of amazing! I am so excited to see how the Lord will use us as we continue to each do our part for His glory.

For the month of December my Sunday morning messages will shift to the theme of Christ’s birth. We will begin with The Substance of Christ’s Bloodline, the next week we will look at The Statement of Christ’s Sinlessness and the following week we will look to The Significance of Christ’s Birth. I look forward to seeing you here.

Serving together with you,
Pastor Baggett