Happy Thanksgiving!

Psalm 106:1 Praise ye the LORD. O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. In this verse, we are instructed to do two things: Praise the Lord and give thanks to the Lord. There are two reasons given to do this: He is good and He is merciful.

During this Thanksgiving Season, our minds should naturally be turned to reflecting on the blessings of the Lord.  Even on our worse day, we have so much more prosperity and privilege than most people in the world. However, we actually should be involved in expressing our gratitude to the Lord for His goodness and for His mercy all the time, not just seasonally. And we should continually be praising the Lord, not only by speaking our praise but by living it out in our lives.

I love the words to the song written by Ruth Elaine Schram:

Make my life an alleluia,
A song of praise to You each day.
To proclaim your grace and glory,
Fill my heart with Your praise, I pray.
When I stand at the mountaintop,
Or the valley or despair,
This will be my cry, my song, my prayer;
Lord, make my life an alleluia.

Make my life an alleluia,
A gift of love to You, my King.
I will join with all creation
In the song that the heavens sing!
The earth will turn, and the planets spin,
As the seasons ebb and flow;
Still, Your grace surrounds me as I go.
Lord, make my life an alleluia.

Lord, make my life an alleluia,
This off’ring of myself to You.
I will share Your grace and mercy
For as long as I shall live.
When I come to my journey’s end,
May those left behind be reminded,
This has been my cry, my song, my prayer:
Lord, make my life an alleluia.

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God bless you!

Roger Powell,