Sunday School

Bible Baptist Church offers Sunday School classes for Children and Adults of all ages! From Infants to Seniors, we take pride in being able to care for and educate the various groups and people in our church. Read below for a list of our Sunday School classes and get to know what is available!

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Rebekah Black and Alisha Perkins, Kids in the Way

The nursery is available Sunday mornings for children ages infant to 2 years old. On Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings, it is available for children ages infant to 4 years. We use pagers just in case any child needs their parent during the service.


2-3 Year Old Children’s Class

Eva Crumpacker, Teacher

In our 2-3 year old class we have a lot of fun AND we learn a lot. We use A Beka Sunday School Materials with stories, memory verses, activities, and singing! Mrs. Watts has been the teacher for many years, with over 30 years of experience, she loves all of her children. With helpers to assist, all the children get special attention. Our classroom is large and well furnished, safe and secure. We use pagers just in case any child needs their parent during the service.


4-5 Year Old Children’s Class

Chuck & Chris Joyner, Teacher

Our Sunday School class has special lessons designed for little ones’ active minds and bodies. Each lesson is carefully crafted to instruct and engage these little learners. Our curriculum is specially written to give children a biblical view of themselves and of the world around them.


1st – 2nd Grade Children’s Class

Kim Hansell, Teacher

We have a great time in our class together! Our time includes memory verses from God’s Word to hide in their hearts, activity pages to challenge their minds, and an exciting lesson from the Bible to allow them to learn more about God and His plan for their lives.


3rd – 4th Middler

Tracey Moss, Teacher

This is an exciting age! Full of fun and inquisitive minds! We enjoy music together along with Bible memorization and class interaction. It is our desire for each child to learn about the God of the Bible and His love for each of them. The curriculum we use is age appropriate and encourages them to have a real relationship with Jesus Christ.


5th – 6th Grade Girls’ Class

Starlene Martin, Teacher

Welcome to our class! Our class is for 5th and 6th grade girls. Each week we enjoy a fellowship time of prayer, Bible lessons, art projects and a focus on missionaries. The goal of our class is to increase Bible knowledge, encourage spiritual growth and develop a heart for missions. We hope the biblical truths learned here can be applied in daily life. We hope you will join us each Sunday for an exciting time of fellowship. Visitors are always welcome!


7th – 9th Teens

Patrick Baggett, Teacher

These young people love to get together and share praises and prayer requests with one another as they begin each class time. Derek has a great approach to involving each one in their Sunday School hour. Following a Christ-centered, Bible-based curriculum, they enjoy weekly lessons that encourage them to make wise choices that will impact their future.


9th – 12th Grade Class (High School)

Patrick Baggett, Teacher

The teen Sunday School class is a great opportunity for teenagers to build deeper relationships with like-minded, Christian teens. It is a friendly, Christ-centered atmosphere. The Word of God is taught every week, and is the focal point. Teens will leave feeling welcomed and challenged.


College & Career Class (Singles)

Blane Newberry, Teacher

This class serves as a perfect place to meet others who are seeking to serve the Lord with their lives. The organization of study is deliberate and allows for questions and discussion in each lesson. The purpose of this class is to be relevant in its inspiration to choose to live a life that honors God. We hope to see you there!


Lives Under Construction Class – Young Married Couples

Rodney Cottrell, Teacher

The heartbeat of this group is to provide a network of friends among young married couples that encourage one another. With regularly scheduled activities outside of class, this group shares much in common as they are just beginning to establish their homes and families. Pastor’s desire is to come alongside to instruct and help lay a firm foundation of godliness in each home. This is a great opportunity to meet other young families!


Home Builders Class

Sebastian Stacy, Teacher

Like the noble believers at Berea in the New Testament, the Home Builders Sunday School Class is committed to searching the Scriptures diligently, seeking Biblical guidance for our next step spiritually.  We have a relaxed, family atmosphere where questions and comments are encouraged. Please join us as we follow the path of developing Christ-likeness through the study and application of His Word!


Standing in the Gap Class – Adults of all ages

Bernie McMahon, Teacher

Ezekiel 22:30 is the reference which inspires this newly formed class. Bernie is an excellent teacher with years of experience. His vision for this class is to provide a setting where adults of all ages and backgrounds can fit in. The lessons in this class are both instructional and inspirational. If you are not sure which class best suits you and your stage in life, then please feel free to give this one a try!


Couples for Christ Class

Paul Wrenn, Teacher

The “Couples for Christ” Sunday School Class is a teaching ministry of God’s Word. The class consists of people who range in age from mid-forties and up. Our method of teaching is to study each verse of the lesson and attempt to gather the truth of God’s Word through the leadership of the Holy Spirit. We also meet for social gatherings to support our need for love, encouragement, and fellowship from our Christian brothers and sisters. Through our studies, we hope to learn the principles of God’s Word that will make us more like Him!