Strive Youth Ministries

Youth Group Name Logo FINAL.001 300x225 - Strive Youth MinistriesStrive Youth Ministries is the Biblically-centered youth group in Bible Baptist Church made up of young people between the ages of 12-19. Our youth group loves getting together for fellowship and learning more about the Lord.

We meet every Sunday for Sunday School at 9:45 am, Bible Studies at 6:30 pm on Wednesdays, and many other times during the month for activities.

Our goal is to center our group around the word of God and how God wants them to live their lives. We also want the group to be a place that teens come to gather around godly friends who will encourage each other to live according to God’s Word.

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Our Church has had a heart for teens for many years, and they fully support what we try to do as a group because they see them as the future generations for both our churches and our nation. Each teen will have several opportunities to serve in several of the church’s many ministries in order that they gain experience for the future.

If you are a teenager, or you have a teenager and are looking for a God-loving, fun-loving youth group to be a part of, we would love for you to come and JOIN US!


Cola Clash

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On June 16-18 our church will be hosting a Cola Clash. Cola Clash is an outreach ministry designed to assist us in reaching the unsaved teens and their families in our community.

Cola Clash is an exciting, three-night competition for teens held in various locations across the nation. Each night features intense competition, Like Volleyball and Basketball with a four-foot ball, Spoke Tackle (which has been called America’s “Roughest Race”), and Tug-of-War over a mud pit! Each night also features a gospel message at the conclusion of the night by Evangelist Bobby Bosler.